Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WMC declares Jihad on Kloppenburg.

James Haney, full-time President and CEO of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, and part-time Supreme Court Justicemaker.

Here is an appeal from the WMC to its membership for donations to support Justice Prosser in the Proxy War I talked about earlier today.  Key part of the appeal:

"Please make a generous corporate contribution to counter their efforts. Donations are unlimited and undisclosed."  

On the chance the request gets taken down by the WMC, I am including it in full here: 

March 22, 2011

Dear WMC Member,
The government worker unions are openly attempting to overturn the November elections, buying an activist majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and grinding our democracy to a halt because Governor Scott Walker has refused to raise taxes to balance the budget.
That one sentence describes what’s happening in Wisconsin.
One union even told its members they want to defeat a Supreme Court justice to “get even.” It’s shocking and they are putting big money behind their efforts, including boycotts of home-grown Wisconsin employers.
Please make a generous corporate contribution to counter their efforts. Donations are unlimited and undisclosed.
The Greater Wisconsin Committee – a union front group – has purchased $3 million in TVadvertising to attack Supreme Court Justice David Prosser because they expect environmental attorney JoAnne Kloppenburg will overturn collective bargaining reforms that control government spending and allow government flexibility. In fact, a recent union memo to members boasted “A Kloppenburg victory would swing the balance to our side.” If Kloppenburg wins, a clear activist majority will be established on the court that could dramatically affect our business climate.
And, then the unions are plotting the defeat of Senators who voted against their agenda with recall elections later this year. Our democracy is being turned upside down.
It’s time for businesses to fight back. Please make a pledge to fund WMC’s ad campaign that will counter union efforts.
WMC Issues Mobilization Council, Inc. is launching a television ad campaign to counter the distortions from government unions and their allies about Justice Prosser. Justice Prosser has been a solid, rule-of-law jurist who has taken on the activist wing of the court. Kloppenburg, who has never been a judge, has strong ties to Wisconsin’s extreme left, including endorsement by the former national co-chairman of the radical Green Party, Ben Manski.
In fact, Kloppenburg was rejected for appointment to serve as a judge four times. Her former employer, Governor Jim Doyle, turned her down twice to be an appeals court judge, even though she had worked for him for 12 years in the Attorney General’s office. And, President Barack Obama turned her down to be a federal judge. Governor Tommy G. Thompson also turned her down for an appeals court seat.
Despite her ties to the left, Obama and Doyle couldn’t bring themselves to appoint her to a judgeship.
WMC IMC will mount a statewide TV ad campaign to educate the public about Justice Prosser’s common sense approach. And, we will educate the public about Kloppenburg’s radical agenda, and how the union bosses want her to stand in the way of reform.
Please, give today. Our business climate is at stake.

If you have questions, or would like to make a donation, please contact James Buchen at WMC,
(608) 258-3401, ext. 3024.

James S. Haney
WMC President and CEO

Having backed two successful candidates in the last two elections, WMC is going for the Trifecta

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