Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cannon to right of us, Cannon to left of us, Cannon in front of us, Volley'd and thunder'd.

Kim Jong-Il

Here are excerpts from some of yesterday's press releases after Judge Sumi re-issued her TRO:


“Scott Walker & His Allies Continue to Make Mockery of Rule of Law in Defying Court Order

Walker & Republicans will do or say anything in pursuit of their extreme power overreach

On Monday, Gov. Scott Walker’s administration began enforcing a bill that is not yet law, with complete disregard for Wisconsin’s judicial and democratic processes, and in direct defiance of multiple orders not to do so. Today, Dane County Circuit Court Judge Maryann Sumi said the actions of Walker and his cronies put them “in peril of sanctions” and served to “jeopardize stability of [the] state.”
“Wisconsinites expect their Governor and his administration to follow the law, and the fact that’s even up for debate shows their actions to be completely reprehensible,” said Stephanie Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

“Gov. Walker seems to think he’s a dictator who can ignore the laws of Wisconsin or trample of the rights of our workers in pursuit of his extreme overreach for absolute power,” said Phil Neuenfeldt, President of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.

 Comment: I have no idea where the AFL-CIO got the impression there were “multiple orders” being ignored by the Walker administration. I think they just decided to make that up to make the administration seem more sinister. The next sentence in the press release seems tailored to make it look like Judge Sumi had commented in court yesterday on “Walker and his cronies.”  Judge Sumi doesn’t need that kind of help in this mess.


The Republican Party of Dane County recognizes that Judge Sumi is a leftist living in Dane County.  Her friends are leftists living in Dane County.  Her son is a left wing activist in Dane County.  She goes to cocktail parties held by leftists in Dane County.  She shops at organic gourmet food shops run by leftists living in Dane County.  If she were to enforce the law of Wisconsin and do what was in the best interest of the people of Wisconsin, she'd be exiled from her lifestyle.  She'd lose her friends!

The leadership of the Republican Party of Dane County have all made the choice to stand against the Dane County elite.  We accept that Left feels righteous vandalizing our homes and keying our cars. It's only fair. We disagree based upon logic and principle.  That is intolerable!  We prioritize the Constitution and the well being of the people of Wisconsin over foie gras at cocktail parties.  That's the choice we made.  We respect Judge Sumi's decision to live her life with the rich diversity that liberals cherish."

Comment:  This press release seems to have Nancy Mistele’s angry fingerprints all over it.  Not only is Judge Sumi a leftist, but her entire circle of foie gras munching friends are as well.  What does the RPDC expect the leftists to eat?  Johnsonville Bratwurst?  Sargento cheese?  Always a nice touch to go after the children as well.  But, hey, at least they’ve pointed out the best store parking lots to use for recall canvassing.


 “Judge Sumi’s order is a clear rebuke of the lawless reign of Scott Walker. He and his Republican lapdogs have behaved as laws unto themselves in their union-busting state-rending power grab. At the end of the day, the law will prevail and the Constitution will endure against all the insult this crew has committed to the rule of law.”

Comment:    OK, DPW, you’ve just lost the votes of lapdog lovers throughout the state.   This has the same sophisticated ring as Kim Jong-Il railing against the “Imperialist running-dogs.”

Come on folks, is this the best shot you've got?  Serve up some red-meat!

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