Thursday, March 24, 2011

Holy Dogma!! Batman! American Catholics tend to ignore church doctrine in their attitudes towards gays and lesbians

The Public Religion Research Institute, which states it is "a nonprofit, nonpartisan, independent organization dedicated to research at the intersection of religion, values, and public life," just issued a 23 page report entitled  American Catholic Attitudes on Gay and Lesbian Issues.

Money Quotes via screen shot from the report::

Here is what Andrew Sullivan posted today about the report:

PRRI Catholic Support for Same-sex Marriage by Attendance-thumb-500x350-423
It's worth pointing out, for the record, that even if you measure those American Catholics who attend church weekly, the numbers are pretty decisive: 64 percent favor either civil marriage or civil unions for gay couples. Only 31 percent take the Vatican line. K-Lo thinks the shift from 74 percent overall approval and 64 percent approval among the weekly mass-goers is "dramatic." I'd say: not so much. The Vatican has lost this argument in the developed world.

Sullivan is a Brit, a grad of Magdalen College at Oxford, a devout Catholic, a political conservative and a homosexual, not necessarily in that order.  His blog is located here, and it's worth a daily visit.

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