Thursday, March 17, 2011

At least McDonald's Drive-thru is Still a Safe Bet

Since the Governor and the Fitzgerald 2 decided to "drop the bomb" on organized labor (Walker to Fake Koch), it's been harder for them to enjoy quietly breaking bread with their friends and admirers.

Event 1: Here is video of the area outside a Washburn, Wisconsin supper club, The Steak Pit, where Governor Walker traveled on Saturday, March 12, to have dinner with supporters for Lincoln Day (and raise funds).

The Duluth News Tribune put the crowd of protestors outside the event at "at least 2,000," and described the arrival of Walker:

"Walker arrived in a convoy of six unmarked police cars that pulled up at 5:45 p.m. to the Steak Pit for a Republican Lincoln Day fundraiser. The large, boisterous crowd, which had been lining the streets leading to the restaurant since 4:30, quickly recognized him and erupted in boos and shouts of “Recall Walker.”
The convoy moved through quickly and without incident, and most of the protesters began to follow a circuitous route on public pathways to a spot behind the restaurant where they continued the protest within earshot of the Republican Party faithful inside. . . . Signs included “Gov. Walker, you probably can’t remember me, but ... I can recall you.”

The restaurant staff had covered all the windows, which had a couple of effects.  The diners didn't see the protestors ("We won't see what Democracy Looks Like!"), but they also didn't get to enjoy the view of Lake Superior.  Walker tweeted about the massive crowd of supporters in Washburn: "Spoke to an amazing crowd (they couldn't fit anymore people in) in Washburn about our budget reforms." Google Map's picture of the Steak Pit shows it to be large enough to hold maybe 200 - 250 diners max?

Event 2:   After the Budget Repair Bill (in stripped down fashion) was passed by the Republicans, a number of them rushed off to Washington to be feted by the Washington lobbying firm owned by Haley Barbour, the former governor of Mississippi (the real Mississippi, not the aspiring one), former Chair of the Republican National Committee, and now a lobbyist in Washington.  Here is the invitation for the event from

"Republican Party of Wisconsin fundraiser
5:30 p.m.

Barbour Griffith & Rogers LLC,
The Homer Building,
Eleventh Floor South,
601 Thirteenth St. NW,
Washington, DC

With Hosts:
Wisconsin Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald
along with Assistant Leaders Rep. Scott Suder and Senator Glenn Grothman;
and Joint Finance Co-Chair Rep. Robin Vos

With Special Guest:
Republican National Committee Chairman: Reince Priebus

Invited Guests:
Senator Ron Johnson
Congressman Sean Duffy
Congressman Tom Petri
Congressman Reid Ribble
Congressman Paul Ryan
Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner

$5,000 to Host
$2,500 to Sponsor
$1,000 per person to attend
All PAC and Individual Donations are appreciated

Please make checks payable to:
Republican Party of Wisconsin-Federal Account
148 East Johnson Street
Madison, WI 53703

Please RSVP to Judi Rhodes (608-257-8035) or Melanie Hubbard (608-279-1275) at the Republican Party of Wisconsin or e-mail: or"

What did your $1,000 get you?  Probably a nice roast beef sandwich and a chance to be serenaded by union supporters.  Here are protestors outside the law firm's building:

Watch a video of the scene inside the lobby of the law firm's building here.  Here is the Daily Kos's report on the event.

Maybe Senator Grothman was trying to deposit his receipts from the Barbour fund-raiser when he was accosted outside M&I Bank yesterday?  What does Wisconsin sales tax law say about collection and remittance of sales tax to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue when you manufacture and deliver a product inside Wisconsin but travel outside the state to receive payment?

Event 3:   Finally, here is a cell phone movie allegedly taken at the Esquire Restaurant in Madison just hours after the Governor's budget address on March 1, by someone known as DemocraShe, which really just serves to record a conversation at the bar between Scott Fitzgerald and some unidentified folks, with at least one being another GOP legislator.

A transcript of what is on the tape is located here.  When you read the transcript while listening to the tape it seems fairly accurate. While one should always be careful of something like this, it does sound like Scott Fitzgerald's voice, and it does sound pretty clearly like he referred to the protestors around the Capitol that day as "long haired goof fuckers."  So there you have it, the protests are just the product of modern day hippies (Fitzgerald) and union thugs bussed in from Washington, Illinois and Nevada (Governor Walker).

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