Thursday, March 17, 2011

Classiest Pols in America - Installment 1

OK, in an effort to try to get beyond being totally preoccupied with Wisconsin politics, I am starting a new series of occasional posts called Classiest Pols in America.  This is Installment 1.   If you would like, you can vote in your head  for whether the person is someone who probably got elected with the help of "Commies"  _x_ or "Tea Baggers" _x_. You'll have to do it in your head for now because I haven't found a fancy widget on Blogger yet that will let me take polls by having you check a box.  I will try to be as bi-partisan as possible in the installments.  (Interested in buying a bridge?)

Installment Uno of "Classiest Pols in America" comes out of the Topeka Capital-Journal's March 15 edition.  The headline of the article reads:  "Peck Apologizes for Feral Hog, Immigration Comment":

"Gov. Sam Brownback condemned Tuesday the statement by a veteran Kansas House member that people living in southeast Kansas believe illegal immigrants ought to be hunted down like feral hogs.

Rep. Virgil Peck, R-Tyro, issued a terse two-sentence declaration after the governor made his sentiments known.

"My statements yesterday were regrettable," Peck said. "Please accept my apology."

On Monday, Peck said during a House Appropriations Committee meeting that deploying sharpshooters in helicopters to kill wild pigs had proven effective. The same strategy, he said, might be used to reduce the number of illegal immigrants in Kansas."

"Commies"  ___     "Tea Baggers" ___.   

Rep. Peck's personal webpage is currently shown as being "under construction."  Here is the Kansas Legislature page for him, to divine what you can there in order to see if you made a correct guess above.

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