Thursday, March 31, 2011

National Tea Party Rally in DC Today - Don't Blink. You Might Have Missed It.

Rep. Michelle Bachman (R) Minnesota

The Tea Party Patriots Movement held its Continuing Revolution Rally on the east side of the Capitol building in Washington, DC today at noon.  Here is the report from the Christian Science Monitor:

Money Quotes with my comments interspersed:
It was a chilly, drizzly day in the middle of the week, but tea party activists still turned out a couple of hundred supporters Thursday at a rally near the Capitol.
Hey, Tea Party Patriots, check out the picture below from Wisconsin's Capitol on February 26th, Snowstorm and 17 degrees, 65,000 protestors.  The Weather Channel had it at 42 degrees and mostly cloudy in Washington today just before the Tea Party rally began.
The Tea Party Caucus organizer – and possible presidential candidate – Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) of Minnesota showed off her crowd-rallying skill in a rousing pep talk.
She is such a big draw as well because of her crowd-rallying skills.
“It’s so wonderful to see that all of you are still fighting,” Congresswoman Bachmann said. “There are people here in Washington, D.C., who thought after the November election that you were all going to go home and go back to sleep. Is that true?”
“No!” the crowd shouted back.
"No" thundered the crowd of 200, which according to Politco, included speakers, news people, and probably some passersbys. One reporter said Mike Pence, a Republican congressman from Indiana, who's a Tea Party favorite, admitted to a reporter that news crews made up about half the crowd estimated at 200. Just check out the picture above.
On the nascent 2012 presidential race, tea partyers interviewed at Thursday’s rally were all over the map. One attendee from Washington, D.C., who declined to give his name, said he was initially excited about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R), but was now interested in billionaire Donald Trump, because of his focus on President Obama’s birth certificate.
Now there is a really strong new issue issue to run on, Obama's birth certificate. Trump is like a plant for the Dems. Kind of seems like Alvin Greene in the U.S. Senate race in South Carolina in November.  Trump makes the GOP look goofy everytime he opens his mouth.  Even Bill O'Reilly found himself throwing up in his mouth interviewing the guy recently. But Trump is what passes for a Republican candidate in the Tea Party era.
The turn-out was so patheticly small  in Washington for the Tea Party event, I first suspected it was a Washington or Virginia based chapter only.  But not so.  I Googled the event and found dozens of states' Tea Party organization exhorting their membership to go to Washington today.

The Capitol Square has been very quiet for the last several weeks.  With Judge Sumi declaring that Act 10 has not been properly published, and is not in force, perhaps it is time for another Tea Party Rally on the Capitol Square to support the Walker administration.  Come on Tea Party, show us your numbers!  But don't use any painter's tape.

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  1. Apparently in the late 1990s Trump suggested taxing the rich as a solution to various U.S. problems. Think that will be his platform now?