Saturday, March 19, 2011

Minute of Silence in English Premier League Today

I'm a total sucker for ceremony.  It's one of the reasons I love my church.  Today in the English Premier League each soccer game observed a minute of silence in recognition of the profound tragedy that hit Japan a week ago yesterday.  I was watching Tottenham and West Ham United this morning and found it stirring that a London football stadium with 40,000 rabid fans packed into it for a city derby could go deathly quiet for a full minute.

At U.S sporting events we observe a "moment of silence," and it usually lasts fifteen or twenty seconds.  It seems fitting when observing a death or disaster, to go the full distance and take the minute.  The difference is, I think, profound.  The Brits simply do this better.  But decide for yourself:

There was no Youtube clip of today's event, so here is a Minute of Silence at a Game between Bolton Wanderers and Chelsea from earlier this year, recognizing former Bolton and England player Nat Lofthouse who had died unexpectedly.  If you have two minutes to spare, see if you think the extra forty seconds out of your life would be worth it.

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