Saturday, March 12, 2011

Restore Democracy v. Restore Honor?


Glenn Beck's national Restore Honor turn-out in August of last year with Sarah Palin as his big draw and "divine providence" guiding his effort was 87,000, as established by aerial photography and a company expert at crowd estimates.

85,000 to 100,000 was the Madison PD estimate for Wisconsin's little state-wide rally on the Square today.  The people that brought you the $7.5 million dollar clean-up estimate for the Capitol building put the crowd at 66,000 "at 4:00."  I would guess that lots of folks came for one of the two big rallies today (11:00 and 3:00) but not both. 

According to the MPD, there was a donkey at today's rally, so on just that score the two rallies tied 1-1.

 A few of Senate Assistant Majority Leader Glenn Grothman's Slobs. 

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