Saturday, March 10, 2012

Screw the Unions! By-pass the Bastard!

 Minnesota State Capitol, St. Paul

Recall the government shutdown in Minnesota last June that lasted a month and a half?  Governor Dayton, a Democrat, vetoed the Republican legislature's budget bills because the legislature wouldn't agree to raise an additional $1.4 billion in revenues by increasing taxes on higher earners.  Dayton finally got his revenue increase, but caved in on the new tax.  The new revenue was paid for by delaying some $700,000,000 in local school aids, forcing school districts to borrow with bonds to close their shortfalls, and bonding against future tobacco settlement revenue.  But hey, no taxes were raised, Grover!

The Minnesota legislature is considering a bill that, if passed, will outlaw union shops at private employers.  But how do they think the bill will ever make it past the governor's veto pen?  By being enshrined in the Minnesota Constitution. 

The bill being considered will be put to the voters in the November election  a constitutional amendment enshrining right-to-work status throughout the state.  Getting the measure on the ballot will only require a majority vote of both houses, and will not be subject to veto by Governor Dayton.  Other constitutional amendments presently being considered include a ban on gay marriage, a 60% super-majority vote by the legislature to raise taxes, and voter photo ID.  What a ponderous way to legislate.

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