Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Obama Si !! Romney Not so Si !!

A recent article at Rachel Maddow's Blog discusses how the GOP candidates are faring with Hispanic Voters.  Here is a chart from the post:

2008 shows the votes for Obama in blue and John McCain in red among Hispanic voters nationwide, based on exit polling.  McCain lost by over 36 points among this constituency.  2012 shows the current standing of Obama and Romney based on a recent Fox News Latino poll.  Romney is used for the comparison as he polled the most favorably among all the GOP candidates in the poll.  The difference between Obama and Romney is 55%.

In this morning's New York Times, David Brooks has an interesting Op Ed on the replacement birth rate problems being experienced in many developed countries called "The Infertility Implosion."  Brooks focuses on the economic effects.  But a country's changing demographics may also affect its politics.  The 2012 Statistical Abstract of the United States published by the U.S. Census has the birthrate among 1,000 Hispanics in the United States at 22 babies per 1,000 Hispanic residents.  The Non-Hispanic white birth rate is 11.3 babies per 1,000 whites.  The fertility rate among Hispanic women, ages 15 to 44 years of age is almost double that of white women, 99 births versus 58.

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