Thursday, March 8, 2012

Exit 142A Recap for March 8, 2012

Today at Exit 142A:

A Fox TV reporter nodded off while live in Washington. 

James Madison Memorial High School had another Invisible Children presentation to help make Joseph Kony famous around the world. 

Wisconsin DWD released the first decent job numbers in months, but the governor remains way behind the power curve on his 250,000 job growth promise. 

American economists overwhelmingly gave a thumbs up to the bank bailout and Obama stimulus plan.

Sean Hannity presented an amazing expose on Barack the student radical, but was scooped on the story (by just three and a half years) by PBS Frontline. 

I announced some changes to Exit 142A.

The trailer for the new 17 minute campaign paean to the President was released.  See if you recognize the narrator.

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