Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Stupidity from Hannity - Breitbart's scoop! From the Great Beyond.

 Sean Hannity, delivering us from evil

 Even though it is a long distance call, we are still hearing from Andrew Breitbart.  On yesterday's show, Mr. Hannity revealed what Brietbart had been talking about in his speech at CPAC last month, before his recent untimely death, when he promised explosive video showing the racist tendencies of the President from his "college days." Hannity played a 1990 video clip showing the future president hugging controversial black Harvard Law Professor Derrick Bell, after introducing him at a rally at Harvard Law School protesting the lack of diversity in hiring of black female professors. Obama was a law student at Harvard, and a student leader who was later elected by his peers to the most prestigious post at the law school, president of the Harvard Law Review. Hannity contends that the video clip was hidden from the media by Buzzfeed and other liberal-leaning outlets to protect the president. He essentially described the clip as a scoop by Breitbart. The interview of Breitbart's minions by Hannity is 11 minutes long, so if you want to skip that, I will tell you that this hug, and Obama's introduction of Bell at the Rally, clearly establishes to anyone on the wingnut fringe what an incorrigible radical Obama has been for at least the last 22 years.

Seems like powerful stuff (except for the two pathetic minions that have taken over from Brietbart). But it is the usual Fox horse shit. Below is part of the PBS Frontline piece on Obama that aired well before the election in 2008. (The "premiere date appearing on the overlay on the video is incorrect. The Frontline piece was aired to give the voters information before voting in November.) Nothing was hidden from the public. The Frontline piece is shorter, and really worth watching for what it reveals about the way Obama was viewed by his conservative colleagues/friends on the Harvard Law Review.
Watch The Choice 2008 on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.
So Breitbart's scoop is nothing of the sort. Nothing has been hidden. Fox could have shown or addressed the Frontline piece that establishes how reasonable and intelligent Obama seemed to his conservative classmates. But fairness isn't their aim. That would be propaganda. Of the coarsest strain.

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