Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gov Doubles Down on Job Creation Promise

In response to the spate of news stories on the recall effort kicking off ("pajama parties," "march past Governor's home," "humble start of A United Wisconsin," etc.) the Governor "doubled down" on his job creation promise. Speaking yesterday Governor Walker said:
"We're going to be judged, whether it's in 2012 or 2014, on what we're doing on jobs and reform, I don't think it changes what I focus on day-to-day."
So the Governor is expecting (perhaps even wanting) to be judged in the recall effort by whether he is delivering on his 250,000 new jobs promise.  Tomorrow is the scheduled release date for the Department of Workforce Development's October job creation numbers.  So far the job creation results under the Governor's public sector collective bargaining reforms have been tepid at best.  Tomorrow at noon we should have a new snapshot as to whether the Governor has been delivering or not on his job creation promise.

The September job numbers indicated that the Governor is currently on a pace to fall considerably short of his 250,000 new private sector job promise, perhaps by as much as 50%.

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