Friday, November 18, 2011

"The Sun Doesn't Shine on the Same Dog's Behind Everyday"

There is an adage in South Carolina: "The sun doesn't shine on the same dog's behind everyday."  If things aren't going well for you, wait a spell, do good work, and count on an uptick in fortune down the road.  (Unless your name is Huntsman or Santorum.)

The ups and downs of the GOP Presidential race illustrate this notion.  Here is a graph of GOP presidential candidate polling numbers that have been compiled by Real Clear Politics in its Poll of Polls average.  The polls captured in the average are: Fox News, CNN, Pew Research, Public Policy Polling (PPP) and McClatchey Marist.  The far right of the graph represents November 14, just 4 days ago.

One interesting thing is how with each new meteoric rise by the "new new" conservative darling, in order, Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Gingrich,  Governor Romney's numbers head south only to rise again when the new new candidate's numbers come back to earth.   Cain is now on his way down, with Gingrich replacing him as the conservative darling.  The PPP polling has Gingrich at 28 %, Cain at 25% and Romney droppng down to 18%.   Have these voters forgotten that Gingrich criticized the proposed House GOP budget as "Right Wing Social Engineering."  I bet our own Paul Ryan hasn't forgotten that.

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