Thursday, November 17, 2011

Whoa Nelly! No way to Spin the Wisconsin Job Numbers

Yesterday I noted that the Governor had  stated on Tuesday that he expected to be judged in the recall process and in any recall election in 2012 on whether he was making good progress on his job creation promise.

Today's data from DWD was nothing short of abysmal.  Below is a spreadsheet showing that Wisconsin lost 9,300 private sector jobs in October, including 2,200 construction jobs, 3,400 manufacturing jobs, and 400 government jobs.  While Wisconsin lost 9,300 jobs, the United States added 80,000.

The total number of private sector jobs that Wisconsin has added since December 2010, the last month of the Doyle administration, is 20,100.  Divide that by ten months and you have 2,010 jobs having been added per month on average.  Multiply 2,010 by the 48 months covered by the Governor's job creation promise and he currently stands to fall short on his promise by well over 150,000 job.  This can't be very pleasant news for the Walker administration as the recall petition effort is ramping up. 

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