Thursday, November 10, 2011

Classiest Politicians in America - Installment No. 11 - The Anti-Romney

Joe Walsh is a Tea Party darling and a first term Republican congressman from Illinois. Sunday he had a constituent town hall meeting in Gurnee, Illinois. Here is a portion of it:

Walsh is a self-proclaimed fiscal hawk that led the GOP Freshmen "No Compromise" movement and voted against the debt limit compromise that kept the US from defaulting back in August.  He is also a guy who lost his condo to foreclosure in 2009 and has been sued for $117,000 in back child support.  Just the right guy for lecturing the President and the GOP leadership on getting the country's fiscal house in order.  

This guy may a bright future somewhere, but it is not in Congress.  Maybe as a Fox analyst?  Hopefully that will lead to poor Mrs.Walsh getting paid.

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