Thursday, October 20, 2011

Job Creation Power Curve Gets Steeper for Governor Walker

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development released the September job numbers today.  Governor Walker continues to fall behind the necessary rate of growth to meet his 250,000 new jobs promise.  Here is a chart showing the job numbers from the beginning of the year and for the last two months.

I pointed out in a post in September that logically the Walker Administration only deserves to count job creation after January, as that is presumably when his policies would have started having some purported pro-growth impact.  Extrapolating the job growth from January through the end of his first term, at the present rate of growth, has him falling over 150,000 jobs short of his 250,000 promise.

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  1. I'm thinking the biggest job creator in the state of Wisconsin is correlative to recall elections since they brought in 40 million dollars. Recall walker will bring in more millions, a brilliant way to create jobs!