Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Oracle of Kenwood

 The Obamas' House in the Kenwood Neighborhood of Chicago, just north of the University of Chicago.

After watching far too many mind-numbing GOP presidential debates, I have a real concern about the ability of the Republican nominee to govern if he or she is elected President.  (I would have just used "he" since Bachmann is kaput; but, hey, this is Madison and you have to be PC.)  With the exception of President Obama ordering the operation that lead to the killing of OBL, I don't know that I have caught a single statement by any of the GOP candidates that recognizes any good that has come from the policies of the Obama administration.  Essentially, every policy position that has issued from these mostly vapid candidates (I exclude the two Mormons) seems to be based on taking an approach which is the exact opposite of the president's on every issue and policy initiative. 

So this leaves me wondering and concerned.  How will the new president make decisions without having the benefit of an absolutist anti-Obama policy orientation?   Will the new president's advisers sit around saying to themselves "WWOD?" and then recommend the opposite approach to a President Gingrich?  Will they war game international crises with one team assigned to play the role of the former Obama administration so they can formulate the strategy for a President Cain?  Or perhaps they can arrange for a hotline from the Oval Office to the Obama residence in Chicago and just check in with him on what he would do if he were still in office?   Obviously, one problem with this last approach is the possibility that the former president will be in a mischievous mood when he gets the call.

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