Sunday, October 30, 2011

Plastered Perry Promises Protracted Prosperity, and the Demise of Gay Rights

Here are segments of a speech Rick Perry gave to the 2011 Steward of the Family Banquet of the Cornerstone Action organization in Manchester, New Hampshire last Friday, October 28th:

Among the more amusing comments at Youtube:
"He makes Sarah Palin seem intelligent, Michele Bachmann seem sane, and Richard Simmons seem straight."

"Whatever he's on..... I think I might want to try some. Never thought I'd be saying that, but holy hell, he's so giddy!"

"Looks like Jesus turned ALL his water into wine."

"I'm finding the drunk Rick Perry much more persuasive than the sober Rick Perry. Seriously."

"we must make President Obama... a wern term president!"   (At 5:25.)

"I searched "what the heck" and this appeared."

"You know how when you're drunk, you think you're killing, but in reality, you come off kind of like... this?"

"I feel sorry for the Republicans. They get to choose between a Mormon and a Moron"

"Jethro, did you put water in the concrete pond before you dove in?"
I'd love to know what time of day this was.  These are obviously selective clips.  You can see the entire speech at

The latest CBS News/New York Times poll has him sinking like a rock.  His decision not to skip future debates will only accelerate the process. He is probably a dynamite retail politician, which is good in state campaigns, but he really falls flat in debates and interviews, where he can't control the message without just ignoring what folks are asking him.

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