Friday, October 21, 2011

Mother of all Spin-Doctoring

Miss Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, the be-speckled public spokesman for Saddam Hussein and his winsome ways of describing the halting progress of the U.S. invasion of Iraq?  Here is the Libyan National Transitional Council spokesperson explaining that Qaddafi was shot in his left temple by accident:

This guy absolutely puts paid to the rumor that the nasty looking wound in Qaddafi's temple was a coup de grace. The ambulance carrying him from Surt to Misurata got caught in a vicious cross-fire and a stray round hit Qaddafi. I know I'm satisfied.  I wonder if Rick Perry can hire the guy to deal with campaign gaffes.

Not since James Fennimore Cooper had the Deerslayer put three musket balls into the same hole in the trunk of a tree from 100 paces has there been such a miraculous shot.  I suppose all you can say is what the NTC was saying: God willed it.

(Mark Twain marveled at the Deerslayer's miracle in his Literary Criticism of James Fennimore Cooper.  Check it out.  It is as enjoyable a ten minutes as you can spend reading.)

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