Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ohio GOP Prepared to Back Down on Union Busting?

 Semi-truck delivering veto referendum petition signatures to Ohio Secretary of State in Columbus, Ohio on June 29th.
(Columbus Dispatch Photograph)

In late June I posted on the powerful Ohio "veto referendum" Buckeye voters were implementing in an attempt  to overturn Ohio's new public union-busting statute.  Overturning the law is currently slated for a state-wide referendum in November.  Today's New York Times has an article suggesting that Governor Kasich and Republican leaders in the legislature are fearful that their anti-union law will be overturned by the voters.  This is probably a politically shrewd move by Governor Kasich.  If nothing comes of the negotiations with labor leaders described in the article, Kasich will be able to try and claim that the inherent intransigence of the unions demonstrates why the law was passed this past spring.

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