Saturday, August 20, 2011

Feeling Nostalgic for Dubya. Who'da Thunk It !

Below is an interview conducted of Texas Governor Rick Perry in October, 2010, just before the gubernatorial election in Texas.  Perry was running against Democrat Bill White, the former mayor of Houston, and ended up winning handily.

Perry is interviewed by Evan Smith, the editor of Texas Tribune.  Smith has a national program on PBS and public radio called Texas Monthly Talks, a Charlie Rose style show.  Smith comes across as a mix of Rose, Jon Stewart and Woody Allen, but with a mildly annoying habit of panning for the camera.  Watching the entire interview takes 59 minutes, but as politicians are fond of saying:  "we need to care about what kind of country we are going to leave our children!"

Watch live video from texastribune on

If you're undecided about devoting time to this, here is a small piece of it, addressing abstinence education, to whet your appetite:

Poor Mrs. Perry!

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