Sunday, August 14, 2011

Governor's Tweet of the Day - Installment No. 4

Governor Walker just tweeted:


1 hour ago

Here is the appearance:

Listen to the governor's conciliatory tone.  It is obvious he is now trying to appear to be as bi-partisan as possible between now and January.  It is interesting that after having the legislature play the Budget Repair Bill and Budget out in the most partisan fashion imaginable, causing two Republican senators to, as Scott Fitzgerald put it: "take a bullet" for his agenda, the Governor is now a leading voice for bi-partisanship. 

He is also committed to public education!  After mentioning that his two sons attend public school, here is his money quote:
"We need to give the teachers the kind of support and incentives they need to continue to have a great education. (Sic.)"
So teachers of Wisconsin, sleep easy.  He may have put the wheels in motion to take $800,000,000 a year out of your collective pockets, but Governor Walker is now in your camp. (Unless he intends the words "they need" to be defined in terms of "bare necessity" under Tea Party standards of stinginess.)

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