Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Governor Walker's Approval Rating Continues to Decline

Governor Scott Walker

Public Policy Polling has just released a new poll on Governor Walker's job performance rating among Wisconsin voters, and how the governor would stack up in recall races against either Russ Feingold or Tom Barrett.  The Governor's approval rating has dropped since the last time PPP took a similar poll, down to 43% approving of his performance, and 54% disapproving.  In hypothetical match-ups in a recall election, Governor Walker loses to Russ Feingold 53% to 42% and loses to Tom Barrett 50% to 43%.

In the last such poll conducted by PPP in February, the governor's approval rating was 46% approving and 53% disapproving.  One interesting aspect of the current numbers is that while his overall approval rating dropped by three points from February, it dropped by five points among voters who self-identified as independents.

With March or April of next year being the earliest that his recall election might be conducted, The governor still has plenty of time to show improvement in the economic climate in Wisconsin to try to improve how voters view him.  And the governor's rating is not as bad as new Governor Rick Scott of Florida  In a PPP poll released on his approval rating, Governor Scott had an overall approval rating of 32% after just four months in office.  Scott's approval rating with independent voters was also just 32%.

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