Sunday, May 22, 2011

Classiest Politicians in America - Installment No. 7. Scott Fitzgerald's Olfactory Receptor

We have a repeat winner!  Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald!

The Wisconsin State Journall reported today on the State GOP convention in Wisconsin Dells this weekend.

Money quotes:
The protesters, as well as the fleeing Democrats, were frequent targets of derision at the convention.
"It's been a long time since I've been around this many people who weren't chanting and yelling, sometimes at me," Fitzgerald said. "And I also got to tell you, you all smell a lot better too."
 Sounds like there wasn't much energy in the room.

The Journal Sentinel reported there were some 1000 delegates at the convention. Here is Jeff Fitzgerald speaking to a hall that has perhaps 250 delegates in it, unless there are people sitting on one another's laps off camera to the left.  Given that Republicans smell so good, they may have been willing to do that.

Lots of empty seats. Perhaps Jeff Fitzgerald didn't draw delegates to his speech like the Governor and his brother may have to theirs.

AP photo from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Again, here is what a real crowd looks like:

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