Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dane County Voters Reporting Huge Turnouts in Early Stages of Voting Today

Isthmus is live-blogging voter number slip reports from voters on turn-out in their wards around Dane County here.  Some representative comments:

Was #154 at 5:00pm on Primary day. A friend voted at the same place at 9:00am today and was #420. Good turnout!
Voter #898 at 11:15am, O'Keefe. No line to vote, but there was one for the hot lunch in the cafeteria. :)

Steady stream of voters in Middleton. I was # 911 at 10:30. Looks like a good turnout today.

Voted 9:45am at High Pt Church - far westside Madison. #275. Nearly 3X count at about the same time in spring primary.

I was voter #968 in the Town of Windsor at noon. Normal spring election I would have been about 200 or less. It will be an interesting night!

I voted at Kennedy school right when polling opened at 7 and was already number 33. Usually I am number 5 or 6.

No.864 at Our Redeemer on the west side, short lines but getting busy for lunch rush. Definitely higher turnout than Nov

No. 1091 at 12:45 at O'Keefe. Urban Bohemia Represent!

We were #425 and #426 at Goodman Community Ctr at about 10am, fantastic turnout
The predictions of a fifty percent or more turnout in Dane County seem to be panning out.

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