Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Classiest Politicians in America - Installment #4 - Senator Kapanke's windshield

A ding. (Or if you prefer, a dink.)

Capital Times On-line Capitol Report: 

Senator Kapanke's claim that his automobile windshield was cracked by a Capitol protestor the night he voted in favor of the Budget Repair Bill vote doesn't hold up to police scrutiny.  Money quotes:
After inspecting the vehicle March 16, the officer told Kapanke the "chip and the crack" looked like a stone chip and "not someone hitting the windshield," according to the police report.
The report indicates two officers with the State Highway Patrol, including an accident reconstruction specialist, also examined Kapanke's windshield.
They determined "the angle of the impact of the object hitting the windshield is consistent with a stone being picked up from another vehicle tire and launched into the air," causing the crack.
On March 16, another officer with the Capitol Police reviewed video from a parking garage camera located near Kapanke's car. The officer reported no one was seen near Kapanke's car or damaging the windshield March 9.
I am sure his comprehensive insurance carrier doesn't care.  But the original story  was sure more effective at depicting the protestors as vandals and visigoths.

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