Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Measuring Adminstrative Efficiency in Wisconsin State Agencies

 Lean flow chart

Governor Walker announced a new executive order yesterday that calls for state agencies to adopt Lean techniques in agency operations.   This seems like a good initiative in principle, and the Governor has provided for some degree of accountability in the executive order, establishing a website that will allow citizens to track the Lean projects undertaken by each of the state agencies.

The goal is to increase efficiency and improve the service products that the state delivers.  The initial initiatives have come out of the DNR, and involve such efforts as reducing the time and staff manpower needed for DNR permits.

The goal of streamlining state government operations and identifying man-hours spent on activities that add little or no value to the agencies' outputs is a great one, and the Governor should be applauded for the effort.  A number of other states have similar Lean initiatives. 

The Governor's office is not subject to the new executive order (EO-66) directive.  The Governor's office needs to set better standards for its own efficiency.  The press release announcing the new LEAN initiative came out today.  The executive order directing the LEAN initiative?   Signed May 2nd.

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