Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The 47 Percenters, Continued

David Brooks and Gail Collins have an interesting on-line conversation at the New York Times today about Romney's view of the 47 percenters.  I found this comment by a reader interesting:
I guess my family is among those 47 percenters, though I hardly think of us as moochers and layabouts. My 30 year old daughter stays at home with her infant while her husband works. My 23 year old son spent four years as a U.S. Marine, including almost two years overseas, half of that in Afghanistan. He is living at home, going to community college full time (paying his own way and saving G.I. benefits for when he goes to a more expensive college) and working part time for $10 an hour. My 90 year old mother is on Social Security and Medicare after working 40 years as a schoolteacher. I'm on disability after being laid low by a brain tumor after 30 years at a demanding job. None of us pay income taxes. My husband and son in law are exceptions. They help provide income to support us. I guess veterans and stay at home moms, retired schoolteachers in their 90s and people forced out of work by illness aren't on Romney's list of responsible Americans. He's right, though. We won't be voting for him.

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