Monday, February 13, 2012

Will the Tea Party Have a Revival in the Michigan GOP Primary?

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Public Policy Polling's latest Michigan poll has Rick Santorum up 15 percent among likely Michigan voters, which will include some independents and Democrats because of it being an open primary.   PPP has Santorum with 39% to 24% for Mitt Romney, 12% for Ron Paul, and 11% for Newt Gingrich.   Gingrich's favorability ranking nationally is falling like a rock.  If Gingrich gives up the ghost, Romney will suddenly look like a very bad bet to win the nomination.

PPP reports:
Santorum's winning an outright majority of the Tea Party vote with 53% to 22% for Romney and 10% for Gingrich. He comes close to one with Evangelicals as well at 48% to 20% for Romney and 12% for Gingrich. And he cracks the 50% line with voters identifying as 'very conservative' at 51% to 20% for Romney and 10% for Gingrich.
This is a state that all the pundits had put safely in the Romney camp two weeks ago, because of the Romney family's ties to Michigan.  The primary is February 28, just six days after the next Republican debate in Mesa, Arizona.

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